A Seamless Upgrade for Enhanced Performance

A retail store located in New York City was grappling with issues such as call drops and deteriorating voice quality, primarily stemming from an outdated and inadequate network infrastructure. The client was burdened by the maintenance and support costs associated with their end-of-life router and switches system. Additionally, they aspired to enhance their customer experience by introducing new features, including IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Guest WiFi services.

The Challenge

The client’s existing network infrastructure was not only outdated but also incapable of meeting their operational demands, resulting in call disruptions and subpar voice quality. The challenge was to seamlessly migrate from the existing network devices to a superior and up-to-date system while concurrently integrating new functionalities like Firewall and Guest WiFi, all without causing disruptions to ongoing business operations.


Following a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current network infrastructure and specific business requirements, we proposed a comprehensive network upgrade solution. Our approach involved meticulous tracking of every network endpoint to ensure a seamless transition. We deployed a new router/firewall, managed switches, and wireless access points, while implementing an optimized VLAN configuration. Furthermore, we established a Guest WiFi network and established firewall rules to enhance security measures. To enhance network redundancy, we introduced a failover cellular internet connection.

Technical Details:

Our technical implementation comprised the installation of a UDM Pro device, two UniFi 24-Port Managed Switches, and three UniFi AP AC PRO Access Points. We created five distinct VLANs, specifically for Data, Voice, Guest, IoT, and CCTV, to segment and optimize network traffic. Quality of Service (QoS) measures were implemented to prioritize VoIP and video traffic. The Guest WiFi network was set up on a separate VLAN, fortified by the creation of meticulous firewall rules to bolster security. Additionally, a failover cellular internet connection was seamlessly integrated to ensure network reliability.

The Results

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