Disaster Recovery with BCDR Solution by Kaseya Datto


A distinguished New York-based engineering company recently grappled with a severe ransomware attack that compromised their critical data. This unfortunate incident resulted in a loss of several months’ worth of work and a week of operational downtime. Realizing the pressing need for a more robust disaster recovery solution, the company embarked on a quest to find a provider capable of delivering the requisite attention and reliability to safeguard their digital assets and minimize downtime in the event of future disruptions.


The engineering company encountered specific challenges that necessitated innovative solutions. Firstly, their data processing operations handled a substantial volume of information, making any downtime both costly and disruptive. Secondly, the recovery solution needed to strike a delicate balance between reliability and ease of use. Lastly, given the sensitive nature of their data, stringent security measures were imperative.


After meticulous assessment of the company’s priorities and assets, we identified the BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) Solution by Kaseya Datto as the ideal fit. Our BCDR solution offers a dependable, user-friendly recovery system that ensures data protection locally and in the cloud, with swift data recovery capabilities in the face of disasters or ransomware attacks.

Technical Details:

The company’s data is safeguarded using a hybrid approach, utilizing the BCDR solution provided by Kaseya Datto. Data is stored on an on-premises backup device, with a daily replication to the encrypted Datto Data Center in the cloud. This setup facilitates quick and straightforward data recovery in case of outages. Additionally, our BCDR solution boasts a web-based interface that simplifies backup job management and provides real-time backup status monitoring. The company also receives daily automated backup reports for comprehensive oversight.


Implementing the BCDR solution by Kaseya Datto has allowed the engineering company to elevate its disaster recovery processes significantly and substantially reduce operational downtime. Moreover, our efficient and cost-effective approach has resulted in considerable cost savings for the company.

In conclusion, the integration of the BCDR Solution by Kaseya Datto has not only fortified the engineering company’s data protection strategy but has also improved its overall business resilience, positioning it to thrive even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

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